Month: December 2006

Anti-Fungus Day

Happy Holidays, anyone who stops by to read this!

Well, besides being a holiday, it is ‘Anti-Fungus Day’ here in this Tropical Wonderland of Fungus. Fungus is the number one enemy of lens glass, next to clumsy fingers. Fungus has got to be the worst invention next to Typhoid, now I’m just being nutty! However, if you ever spend any time in the tropics and I guess that would include Florida, you better be prepared to fight the fungus battle. If you are unlucky enough to have fungus grow on the inner lens elements, your lens is nearly doomed! So, in honor of Anti-Fungus Day, I took my lenses and filters out in the tropical sun, which must have been damn near 95 degrees, and just let them bake for about 30 mins., each. When I’m not using a lens-product, it stays in my dehumidifier box or my camera bag with dehumidifier.

New Calendar Published TODAY!

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to update you on what’s going on…I published my second 2007 Calendar today, it’s called: “Cosmetics Radiant 2007,” and you can see it by clicking on the title of this blog entry, or clicking on the photo above. If you like cool cosmetics images, then check it out. There is a preview at the sales page where you can see a couple pages from the calendar. Each month features one of my cosmetics photos, and I included a quotation from a well known photographer to accompany each of these images. According to reports I have received from customers regarding my first calendar, each photo is suitable for framing – the quality is VERY HIGH! I’ve chosen a 100% linen paper finish and the calendar is a very big, 13.75″ (W) x 19.25″ (H) – it is the flip over type of calendar. Therefore, just a hint of what you can do further with my calendar (more bang for the buck, so to speak), you can take finished months photos off the calendar, matte them and then have them framed. For the price, that is a great deal! Hope you like it. Regards, Nawfal

Water, Lime & Glass, v.2

“Water, Lime & Glass, v.2” is the latest addition at my Imagekind gallery…just click on the link or on the picture to take you to the sales page. You can navigate from there to see my other works at Imagekind.

I have a new calendar for 2007!

Hello Everyone!

I have a new calendar published and it is ready for the Holiday Season. So, if you are looking for a calendar with cool flower photographs, please visit the link , that is where you can take a look at the preview and buy my calendar!

My new blog for this calendar project is here: “Bursting with Color.”

This is the cover design for my new calendar. I think it’s pretty d&%$ hot! If you happen to drop by here, please take an extra couple of minutes to look at my 2007 calendar by clicking on the first link.

Thanks bunches!