I have a new calendar for 2007!

Hello Everyone!

I have a new calendar published and it is ready for the Holiday Season. So, if you are looking for a calendar with cool flower photographs, please visit the link http://www.lulu.com/content/551105 , that is where you can take a look at the preview and buy my calendar!

My new blog for this calendar project is here: “Bursting with Color.”

This is the cover design for my new calendar. I think it’s pretty d&%$ hot! If you happen to drop by here, please take an extra couple of minutes to look at my 2007 calendar by clicking on the first link.

Thanks bunches!


One comment

  1. Guess what! I’m going to leave myself a comment, how about those apples.


    Because, although there seems to be a billion Internet users out there, and I think my blog has some very useful and interesting information, not to mention some cool photographs, no one seems to know that my blog exists….

    Go figure.

    Anyway, so I’m experimenting here with my, “Leave Your Comment” option.

    Also, I thought I would attempt to get the ball rolling, and perhaps, it takes a comment to get more comments, even if it is your own comment. Maybe comments are a viral thing, and there must be some shred of a comment there first to make others grow, hummmmm…that’s a theory.

    I’ll have to see if my theory is worth a hill of beans or not. Perchance, if I added a lot of weird sexology, gore, psychotic nonsense to my blog, possibly then, I would get a million hits a day at my blog, as those types of blogs seem to attract such huge traffic.

    Hummmmm. Yeah, I guess if I want traffic here, I’ll have to see how to work in my serious photography subject matter with psychotic-sexological-gore and make a hybrid blog of some sort.

    Now, I’m just rambling….

    Well, got to go, so many people to respond to, and so little time.

    Take care people! Drop by again! Until then, I’m sending out vibes of goodwill and peace-of-mind! I hope to get some authentic visitors to my blog, very, very soon, as nobody likes to be alone. “Live Long and Prosper!”


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