Month: January 2007

Half-Cheese, Good Mind on Bad Coffee

“Half-Cheese, Good Mind on Bad Coffee”
(c) 2007 Nawfal Nur
All Rights Reserved

Don’t try to figure out the title, it is very personal. I wouldn’t tell you what the interpretation is and the connection to this work, but many times art has titles attached to it that are deeply personal and don’t appear to be associated with the work itself, but to the artist, yes indeed, there is a deep connection between title and work. I just hope you enjoy seeing it and the colors.

Old Bike with Old Basket!

“Old Bike by the Sea”

(c) 2005 Nawfal Nur

I was so grateful that I had my camera on the day I spotted this scene. An old bike just sitting next to the edge of the sea. With this scene and the background being very bright, you can do a couple of things to bring out the details of your main subject, in this photo, the main subject of course is the old bike.

You can use your camera flash to highlight the main subject in the foreground. Because this shot was taken mid-day, the ocean was extremely bright. I’m glad that the background is considerably washed out, and this was intentional. Too much background detail would detract from the bike’s details. Experiment with flash output. This is easy enough to do nowadays with the instant review of shots in the LCD of your digital camera. Once you have the balance you are looking for, by reviewing your photos at the scene, stick with that level of flash output.

"2007 Bursting with Color," Calendar

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Nawfal Nur @ Art.Com

Hi All! Happy New Year 2007!

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