Day: May 1, 2007

Bunny Dynamics

Bunny and Cat Portraiture by Nawfal Nur, All Rights Reserved 2007

Yesterday, I learned something about my bunny; something that proves she is more intelligent than I believed. Although, that is, I never imagined her as being all that “bright” in the first place.

The above photograph shows my motley crew, an uncooperative bunch, really!  That “bunch” would be my three cats and my bunny – from left to right: Salimah Bee, Bunny Bee, Aminah Bee and Jamilah Bee. They actually do get along very well; however, when it comes time for the family pet portrait, they can’t exit the scene fast enough. Jamilah wouldn’t sit next to Bunny, so we had to separate them. Salimah couldn’t sit still.  Aminah and Salimah didn’t want to sit next to each other. Out of the entire gang, Bunny was behaving the best.

Our big, fat bunny always appeared never to have a clue about much of anything, except eating. She eats the normal bunny food, plus when she is unmonitored, she sneaks in the occasional paint chips, metal, wood, cardboard, rubber and who knows what else…believe it or not, she is healthy as an Ox! Perhaps this is all considered bunny fiber; but we do not approve of her unsupervised eating habits – but bunnies are bunnies!

During the daytime, Bunny Bee has the run of the yard. Yesterday, she was going about her “bunny-business” when I saw her stand up on her back legs, then she crouched down and started thumping her back feet loudly on the driveway: I knew this was a sign of danger. She did this thumping action a couple more times:  It was enough to get my attention.

Bunny Bee weighs nearly 3.5kg, and I’m pretty sure she could hold her own in a brawl, but something had her worked up. She, like my cats, is family and I protect my family:  I went out to investigate the source of the ruckus.

Much to my surprise, a stray boy-cat was hanging out in the yard, and that is what had Bunny Bee in an uproar.

This is behavior I had not seen before: This proves that Bunny Bee is smart enough to distinguish her own sister house-cats from this stranger cat that had wandered into the yard.

I thought this was quite brilliant of the bunny, and it was also a little surprising for me to learn that Bunny Bee was more intelligent than I imagined.