Get Out in the Rain…And Photograph!

Well, when it rains, get your camera out and take some photographs!

Rain on the Car IMG 2665np

Most people won’t venture out into the rain, especially into heavy rain, to take photographs. However, because I love taking water droplet photographs, I’ll risk it; but not without caution.

There are several items you can use to help protect your camera if you wish to photograph in the rain.

I use my Canon A620 for rain-photographic adventures.

Often, I don’t use any rain-protection, but thank God, so far there has not been any damage to my camera. I get soaked, but that’s alright.

I wouldn’t recommend NO RAIN-PROTECTION for your camera unless it was just sprinkling; nevertheless, you would still need to wipe your camera dry – and do it OFTEN!

Here are some protective items you can use, and should use, when photographing in the rain:

  • Keep a big, dry, micro-fiber towel in your pocket, or camera bag. Wipe down the lens, LCD screen, and camera body.  Splash Photography is messy and wet, of course, so dry your equipment.

  • Place your camera inside a clear plastic bag with a hole big enough for your lens hood or the end of your lens to stick out. You will still need to wipe your lens glass when it gets wet. Pick a bag that is easy for you to put your hand in for adjustments and to grip your camera good and tight. You may also need to manual focus when doing this trick.

  • Have someone hold an umbrella over you and the camera when shooting – this works well IF you can enlist someone brave enough to stand out in the monsoon rains with you. Watch out for any shadows from people and umbrella. Also, the person holding the umbrella will need to stand back far enough, so the umbrella just barely covers you and your camera from the rain. Otherwise, the umbrella will stop the rain from falling naturally, that is, if you are shooting macro shots of the rain. This can be tricky but can also be coordinated between you and your assistant.

  • If your camera model has a matching waterproof case, that is convenient, but costlier than a plastic bag ;^ )

Those are just a few ideas, ones that I use, to enjoy photographing in the rain. Don’t let a little (or a lot of) rain stop you from enjoying photography in the rain. With due diligence and safety for your equipment worked out ahead of time, you can discover the creative rewards of photographing in the rain.