Balance Conceptual, v.4

Balance Conceptual, v.4, originally uploaded by fine-grain.

This is a concept photo I did today, and as the title states, it’s all about “balance.”

I wanted the image parts to connect in purpose and convey a similar message.

There are four main connections: 1) Color: Yellow and gold emphasized, and the black and white push those colors out into the foreground. 2) Shape: The shape of the egg and the shape of the spirit bubble are the same. 3) Line: The lines in the spirit level help gauge the viewers understanding of how level a surface, and these lines are augmented by the straight set of lines on the egg. And last but not least, 4) Balance: The spirit level bubble is approximately in the middle of the two lines; and, the egg is balanced on top of the level.

This image is cohesive because of the connections, and its ability to convey a specific message. In this case, the message is one of Science/Physics and can be applied to “Balance”, as well as, “Equilibrium.”