Evolving an Online Policy…

Dance Photography by Nawfal Nur - Bharata Natyam Hand Gesture

Bharata Natyam Dance, Hand Gesture
Indian Classical Style
South Indian Classical Dance
Nikon F5 (film – shot back in the day…) with
natural lighting and use of a large (like 4’x3′) fill card material.

Evolving an Online Policy…

After some extra time thinking and planning my online photography policy, and where I spend my time showing my photography, I have not totally discarded the vanity sites (believe it or not). Even though, in one of my previous entries, it appeared I was heading down that road, I have just modified my position. This, I would consider, is evolving.

At the photography websites that I perceive as being more vanity than business, I have reduced the numbers of contacts I have. I see people with hundreds, if not, thousands of contacts/friends at these sites. Speaking for myself, I simply can not keep track of so many contacts’ photographic works: It would complicate life too much for me.

Therefore, my new policy has become to keep only those people who I truly want to keep a “photographic-tab” on. People whose photography is of interest to me.

Of the contacts I have kept, there is a handful of people who I authentically consider friends, and I have my own definition of what makes a “friend” – your definition will most likely differ.

But moreover, my friends are people who I really want to keep up with, whose work I respect, whose work is interesting to me, whose work shows vast potential, and whose work inspires me to do work myself.

My friends also reciprocate, and they comment constructively on my work and they push me to continue working on the subjects that I excel at. There is a considerable give and take among my small listing of friends. And, there is considerable mutual respect.

In addition, as Brooks Jensen said recently in a LensWork podcast, he’d much rather appeal to the small minority of folks who appreciate [and respect] fine art photography, than to the 6-billion other people who may not have any interest in the work that goes into the art of Art Photography (or something to that effect!)

Right ON, Brooks! I totally agree with you on that point!

The main point is, IF you have been having these same thoughts, dilemmas, or time constraints with showing your work online, then perhaps it is time to evolve your own online policy…one that works specifically for your needs and fulfills your goals.

Good Luck!