Day: August 28, 2008

Maysa’, 7-wks Old, 28Aug08

This is Maysa’ [Sounds like Mice-Ah].

She is about 7-weeks old. She walked into my life about two weeks ago. I feel she wandered into our yard for two reasons: 1) Because of a loss I had recently; and 2) To be a slightly older sister to my youngest kitten, Averroes, who I’ve been raising since he was 2-Days Old…He will be 5-Weeks old tomorrow.

She was ready for a Kitten Portrait. He, unfortunately, is very NOT ready for sitting still for a portrait (‘sitting still’ is the key here).

The kittens have not allowed me to sleep much over the last 5-weeks because they eat about every 3 (or thereabouts) hours. I’m usually up by 2am and awake until 7am, and do my work around a really strange schedule.

Maybe when they are ready for dry cat food, I can have a normal sleep schedule – I HOPE!!!

I added a Ghostbones Texture for a little added illustrative look. Thanks Ghostbones.

I’m going to add some photograph details. I think that a lot of photographers believe there is some proprietary knowledge they can NOT share about their photo techniques and tricks, and this is fine. I also have a few tricks up my sleeve that I don’t like to share because they are techniques that I developed over a long time, and for no other reason than the competitive nature of photography, especially, nowadays, I’d keep the trick(s) to myself.

However, there are times that it is very useful to share knowledge with others. It gives me satisfaction to teach others about photography, as I also feel a great amount of gratitude when someone else teaches me something about photography.

There is also a certain amount of responsibility a person has to share knowledge with others, and that is partially what my blog, “Behind the Lens”, is all about.

If it helps clarify what was done to produce a photo, or guides someone to work out their own style or techniques, by answering some questions about what I did, then I’m happy with that.

With that said, here are some Photograph Details:

Camera: Canon Powershot A620
Lighting: One remotely fired METZ 32 Z-2, SET ON “A” [at the f/1.4 setting], and opened to 28mm wide. This was fired through a translucent [white], hard plastic cutting board. This worked well as a diffuser to soften the METZ flash. You change the intensity of the light by moving the flash closer or further away from the diffuser material.
Shutter Speed: 1/100 sec.
Aperture: f/4.1

Kittens are very, VERY, very active. To get a decent shot, it is good to attempt a portrait AFTER they have eaten and are satisfied. Then, they tend to try cleaning themselves, or are a bit lethargic and not wiggling around as much.

However, that does not work all the time!.

Sometimes, you just have to be persistent with a kitten by sitting them on the mark, by letting go really quickly, and then hopefully moving your hand out of the frame when you trip the shutter button.

This photograph took about 20-attempts because she was on super-speedy mode and wanted to escape faster than I could coordinate things. Nevertheless, I managed to get a couple good shots frozen “in the can” before Maysa’ couldn’t take it any more! Or, maybe it was me who couldn’t take it any more, LOLOL!

Good Luck with your SPEEDY kittens!

Photographed by Nawfal Nur

Old Wood House in the Dark, v.3

Time Taken: About 11PM.
Location: Jelutong, Penang.
Available Light: One Street Light.
Long Exposure.

Photographed by Nawfal Nur

An example of what you can do with nighttime photography, with minimal equipment, and working with the assistance on only a single street light.

The Aperture was set at f/5.6.
The Shutter Speed was at 6 Seconds.
Time Photo was Taken: Around 11PM.
Location of Shot: In Jelutong, Penang, Malaysia.

And the most important piece of equipment…

My SLIK: ABLE 300DX Tripod.