Day: December 19, 2008

Bukit Marmar, v.2, Ilford Delta, Ipoh, Malaysia, 2008

What is it? I call it, “Bukit Marmar, v.2” This is a “mountain” where marble is dug and cut. You can see a HUGE wall there in the front of the natural structure.

Where is it located? Just outside of Ipoh, Malaysia. It is a beautiful site. However, if they keep cutting down this natural wonder, you know, to make tiles for flooring and such, it will be gone in a matter of a number of years.

The Photograph was taken on 9 Dec 2008. I just pulled off the highway (a very dangerous thing to do as cars and trucks whizzzzzzzzz by you at 110, or 150KM/Hour!!!!! Those KL people seem to just love racing down the highway to get back home, hahahahaha, at least, the majority were KL Plates doing the “whizzzzzzzzzing”!