Day: December 26, 2008

BLADE BLUE HAND-667, No. 1, Edit J

BLADE BLUE HAND-667, No. 1, Edit J

Title: “BLADE BLUE HAND – 667, No. 1, Edit J (From Orig. Edit F)”
Creation Date: (Edit J) 26 Dec 2008

Model: Nawfal
Body Paint Artist: Nawfal
Photographer: Nawfal
Creative Director: Nawfal

“One-Man-Show Sdn. Bhd.” LOLOL! Malaysians will know what Sdn. Bhd., is all about.

Note: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, this is a re-run from my other photostream, but it is a new “Edit” (J) and I needed to start my “BODY PAINT PHOTOGRAPHY” Set here, at my new Account.