Title: “Blue & Yellow Drops”
Creation Year: 2009
Drops and Paint in a Tub.

Uploaded by BEHIND the LENS with Nawfal Nur on 12 Jan 09, 11.39AM MYT.

Side Note: This is a pretty straight shot, very little PhotoImpact’ing (PhotoImpactX3), just boosted the contrast and saturation a little. I used the in-camera flash on the A620, on Macro, so had to crop out the negative space that happens when using flash in macro mode, but no big deal. Some specular highlight on left, but still details in highlight, so that is fine with me. Was happy not to fuss – want to try doing that more now, getting the photo by adjusting lighting and exposure better right off the bat; therefore, not so much fuss and time usage in post processing, which can EAT TIME like Godzilla on Steroids eating Tokyo! Have fun saving time! Get it right in camera if you can! Just be happy with your results.

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