Building: OSK PLAZA
Completion Year: 1984.
Floors: 24.
Location: Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Photo Year: 2009.

Uploaded by BEHIND the LENS with Nawfal Nur on 12 Jan 09, 11.20AM MYT.

Side Note: Make sure that if you are shooting architecture in the urban environment, that you DON’T BELIEVE that the names on the building are the names of the building! Did you catch that? The biggest name on this building is BANK OF CHINA, although, OSK is on the building as well, if you don’t know any better, or don’t do your research, you would believe it is the Bank of China Building, but it is NOT. It is the OSK PLAZA (I’ve also seen PLAZA OSK).

Good Luck!

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