Day: January 18, 2009

Devil Theory – New Favorite Song for Inspiration!

Inspiration of songs to get me to work on photography at a quicker pace. Well, if that is possible, and I believe it could be, then “Devil Theory” is probably the song that I will be playing a lot, to get me motivated to do some killer photographs.

Well, I have a new favorite song. Jeff Loomis has gone above and beyond with this one, a track from his solo album, “Zero Order Phase.” The song is called “Devil Theory” and it just blazes. The lead part is awesome, but what I really like is the ultra-low background / rhythm part. In the thread of the discussions on this song, it is mentioned that he has down-tuned the low string to a Bb! The low-notes sound unreal – totally awesome. The wonders of a 7-String guitar.

OK, so this isn’t totally a photo entry, but I thought I would give Jeff Loomis a few lines of credit for this amazing album, and awesome song!

This song will, indeed, be a tune played while composing new photographs – a very cool tune to inspire my creativity.

Of course inspiration is a very personal issue and different music inspires different people, but this is the genre that gets me moving and thinking.