Sobering Iritis Realizations

Coffee Splash. Stop Action. White & Coffee.

I’m 15-Days into Iritis. Anyone who has experienced even one episode of Iritis will know how HORRIBLE IT IS!!! Triple Exclamation Points.

It got me thinking about how it would be, to be, “The Blurry Photographer.” And, I came to the conclusion: “That would suck!”

Well, I took this photograph today because I am so super bored, because I’m still dilated in the right eye, super blurry in vision, and on a 3-day headache. However, I just wanted to show myself that I can still photograph when blurry. Yes, it was possible.

Was it very fun? No, not very fun.

Part of the thrill, part of the fun of Photography is being able to see the results in all their CLEAR GLORY!

Having Iritis allows a photographer to see all their results in a hazy blur.

I guess I came to a sobering realization today that A BIG part of the thrill of accomplishment in photography is seeing and enjoying the results…CLEARLY!

There are a lot of things that become more clear to me as my eyesight is threatened by Iritis.

And that reminds me…I have outworn my welcome here at the computer and need to go rest my eyeball.

Thanks for your visit.


  1. Hi, I am very interested in learning more about this disease. I have had this for 2 years off and on. Do you mind sharing what was the cause of your Iritis?

    Grace in AZ


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