Month: July 2009


ORANGES, CHILIES & Fork, v.2, originally uploaded by Fine-Grain.

Oranges, Chilies and Silver Cutco Fork, Still Life image.

This is a one-light setup, which is the situation I usually like to work with. I also like to shoot using the modeling light instead of actually having the flash flash.

I can’t say that if I had 10 Electronic Flash units I would use them.

I guess I have just always liked a single light source with a softbox unit or snoot, in conjunction with reflectors.


I’m open to experimentation if I have access to the equipment.

Light in Hand

Light in Hand, originally uploaded by Fine-Grain.

Yes. The lights are just coming back on-line.

After many days, I have Internet service again.

Lightning hit the telephone wire outside the house, which fried our phone line, it fried the modem and it toasted the router! Also, (more fun), my operating system crashed big-&*^-time and it took days to get it working even this good (i.e., only three four blue screens of death today – so far).

Nevertheless, I don’t think I can blame that on the OS totally, I believe I need to ‘flash my bios,’ [why do they call it that – it sounds really wrong! LOLOL] update the bios, and that may help the situation.

The computer may die on it’s own, but maybe not, if my patients runs out (after many, many, many days of work on this thing), I may end up killing it myself.

At least, I’m back on-line at this very moment in time – must try to look at the positives.

“Live in the now for who knows what evil blue screen will pop up next and take it all away!”  {Me:  It was I who just said that.}

Take care,