Happy 2010 – Getting out of Procrastination

Happy 2010!

Take this anti-procrastination message with you into the new year, and I will too:

“Do what you can do, given what the conditions are.” {Brooks Jensen}

Meaning: Don’t wait for the situations, conditions, or for the equipment to be perfect before attempting to do something. Yes of course, we can always complain that the photographic equipment we have is not right for us to do something. However, don’t allow any of these things to stop you from doing some photographic “thing“. Just try it anyway.  Or, find another way of doing some “thing“.

There will never…hardly…ever, be “perfect” situations, or conditions presented to us when we need to do something. Procrastination is sometimes just an excuse we use when trying to avoid any possible chance of failure, because failure is painful!

Nevertheless, deep down inside, we all know that failure is always necessary to grow and get better. Sometimes we win – YEAH! Sometimes we lose – Yuk! But this is necessary to improve the next time.

I guess there is no stopping failure from knocking us in the teeth, but with that bit of pain, we grow, we learn, HOPEFULLY we duck the next time failure swings at us.

Dennis Keeley said something like this referring to failure: Failure is necessary, it is like a stop on a train ride, but I don’t have to get off.

With that said: I hope we all grow more this year. And, that we procrastinate less, that we learn more from our failures, and we improve on whatever it is we do!

This is my New Years 2010 Message, and I hope to learn from it, more and more.

Have a great year!

ps: I’ve been working on a new website to host my Smoke Photography images. This is like…what…day 5 and many hours later. Maybe I’ll have the website up and running today. When it happens, I’ll post the new website link here.

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