Changes of Development and The Times

Changes of development are applied to control the total contrast range of the negative, but a side effect is that the ‘local contrast’ within low and middle values is affected.  Most surfaces include lighter and darker components that we perceive as texture, and while these textural variations may all lie within a range of one or two zones, they will be reinforced or weakened by modified development.”
~ Ansel Adams ~

That bit of advice would have been extremely significant to the film photographers, ‘back in the day.’  Nowadays, I reckon that most digital photographers wouldn’t have ‘clue-one’ about what Adams is talking about.  And why should digital photographers even care: With a touch of a button or two, the digital brains of the new technology takes instant-fantastic’o-well-exposed snap-shots.  Hardly any thinking required.

Oh well, it is fruitless to fight the future.  It is so much easier to go with the flow.

Yes, indeed.  There are a lot ( a ‘gajahbillion‘ ) of happy snap-shooters out there.  Are there a huge number of photographers taking technically great photographs that are unique and interesting:  probably not…I don’t see it.  Seems like the more digital cameras there are out there in the market the more sameness there is.

One thing that seems certain is that with all the photo-sharing sites out there, vainglory is at an all time high.  I wonder if anyone is worried about that, considering it was one of the eight original sins, but then it was all lumped into ‘pride’, so the eight became seven (at least that is what I learned from a show on the History Channel).  Everyone seems to love their photos to be oooo’ed and awww’ed over at these sites.

I’m just wondering…what is the point?  Ego?  Vainglory?  Pride?  Or, is it just a matter of self-advertisement, self-promotion.  Or, all of the above.

Do you hear it?  Listen…The hamster wheel of progress goes on, doesn’t it, but at what expense?  Is there an expense?

I think it is just one of those days…