DISTORTIONS, No-4-njn, originally uploaded by Metal Rain.


A Black & White rendition of a miniature abstract, clay model I made.

“Distortions, No-4” is a my interpretation of distorted and twisted thumbs, as least that is what I see.

The key to this look was using strong directional lighting, which created deep and burning black shadows.

The finger prints that are apparent on the clay forms a cohesive unison with the distorted thumbs idea that I ‘attempted’ to portray in this work.

The miniature clay ‘sculpture’ no longer exists. It existed only for about 30-minutes, the length of time it took to take the photographs.

The goal of this project was to create a photograph that captures the contrasting shadows and light void spaces, using very specific studio lighting.

I guess I was kind of influenced to do this piece, having seen some HUGE metal sculptures (constructions) by Tony Smith (September 23, 1912 – December 26, 1980), who was an American sculptor.

Uploaded by Metal Rain on 28 Mar 10, 2.31PM MYT.

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