Month: June 2010


A new still life image. Experimentation with directional lighting and creating shadows…drama!

Lighting:  A single 600-Watt studio light with snoot.  A white card was used to throw a little light back on the shadow side.


BLUE SPRAY BOTTLE IN THE RAIN, originally uploaded by Nawfal Nur.

La Salsera says:
How did you manage to make this one??? Great!

Nawfal Nur says:

Thank you! The first thing is that it has to rain really heavy. Then, the next thing is that you need to be able to let yourself take your camera out in the rain, and know that it will probably get wet. You can always use some underwater casing, but oh well, I don’t. These are the biggest things that are needed to take this type of image. Then, it is a matter of trial and error – a lot of error!

Maysa’, Edit B Cat Portraiture

Maysa’, Edit B, originally uploaded by Nawfal Nur.

This photograph proves that you can use a Canon Speedlite very effectively with a Nikon DSLR! Yes, you can. Neither the camera nor the flash melted, blewup, or got destroyed. A Canon Speedlite 420EX was used with a Nikon D70S. I bounced the flash off the ceiling to fill the room with light.