DAY-3-IRITIS, EDIT B (via Behind the Lens)

I thought that I may re-post this blog entry – it may help other AS’ers see what iritis looks like, just in case you have never had iritis, or if you think you are having an iritis attack. This is my eyeball – this is what my iritis looks like after a few days. I’ve seen my photograph on many medical websites (many without my permission), but mainly, if it helps anyone make a general decision, “do I have iritis”, then you can seek medical attention quickly. DON’T WAIT too long if you suspect iritis!

DAY-3-IRITIS, EDIT B This is what Iritis looks like. This shot was taken on Day-3: Right now, I'm on Day-7, and it's getting worse I think. I'm putting this up here because I get a lot of people coming to my photography journal [ right here… ] who are seeking information about Iritis and it helps to see a good photo of what Iritis looks like, and this is it! IRITIS SYMPTOMS If your eyeball is having any of these symptoms, or if you have any of these conditions, the … Read More

via Behind the Lens


  1. Hi – I am with you brother all the way….Have had it many times, but only get very mild and vague doses of it these days. I have just discovered your wonderful blog, will need some time to explore it further. It will get better, be dilligent with the drops and rest is the key. Michael


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