Penang in December

"Penang in December"

10 Dec 2011
Copyright 2011 Nawfal Johnson Nur

During a two hour wait, for which the reasons are not that important, I wanted to see what I might find to photograph.  This is a location very near Queensbay.  It was nearing mid-morning, so the ‘best light’ was fading and burning away.  I was going for a stereotypical postcard style scene…or something like that.  I actually waited for the two crows to fly into the scene.  The crows here in Penang are very aggressive.  If you wear sunglasses, be careful, as the crows are known to dive bomb your face attempting to steal your glasses.  In the background (way back there) is the Penang Bridge:  The bridge opened in 1985, and it spans over the water 8.4 miles (13.5km).

Currently, Penang Bridge handles 65,000 vehicles daily and has a capacity of handling 85,000 vehicles daily. It has been expanded from 4 lanes to 6 lanes to accommodate increasing traffic on the bridge.  (source:  wikipedia)

For anyone who has been stuck on the bridge during rush, I mean, crawl-hours, you would believe that 100,000 vehicles are going over the bridge daily.

Well, far away from the bustling traffic of the Penang Bridge is this mid-morning, tranquil, beach scene.

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