Rusty Rivet, No1, Outdoor Still Life Photography

"Rusty Rivet, No. 1, Edit B," is an outdoors still life photograph, copyright 2012, by Nawfal Johnson Nur.

"Yes, there are so many things that are, that aren’t so:" Again I turn to the sage, G. K. Chesterton.

Just when you think you know that you did something right, you find out you did it wrong. Oh, but how sure we are, that we are right, when it is really, so wrong.

Like, "I knew I attached that photo to my blog entry," when you really didn’t. "But I’m sure I did," but you didn’t. "How could I be wrong?" But you are.

Falling flat on my face, and moving forward. Being human. A spiritual being having a rather human experience.

And so…it continues.

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