Archimedes would benefit from a GOOD Home to Adopt Him

This is Archimedes. He has adopted us: He is an outdoors cat (adult, male, about 2-years old), and he comes and goes as he pleases. We would make him an indoors cat, but our adult male cats DO NOT appreciate Archimedes, like we appreciate Archimedes.

He is a very smart and friendly cat, and he really enjoys people-company.

A home where he would be the only cat, would be ideal for Archimedes.

We figure that he was once an indoors cat because he is so people-friendly, and pretty healthy…but he was abandoned.

You see, some people do not take responsibility for their pets. Maybe they think that having pets is easy all the time, or, that pets will not make mistakes/messes. Many people do not take all considerations in mind before getting a pet. Then, when people find out they cannot handle the pet, they do not like to care or clean up after the pet, or they are not allowed to keep the animal in their home, then many people simply find it easier to drop off the animal on the roadside, the park, the wet market, or wherever is convenient.

This irresponsible behavior results in a lot of suffering for animals. Cat, dogs and other animals who had a home, are suddenly on the streets, which are very unfriendly for small animals. All sorts of dangers await abandoned animals: they are subject to additional abuse, malnutrition and starvation, dangers of traffic, adverse weather, and diseases. Many of the abandoned animals are rounded up by Animal Control, and then killed.

Some people, I suspect, do not fully consider the responsibility of having an animal in their home, and that is a mistake. If you have doubts, then perhaps you are not ready to have a pet. If you take a pet, then abandon it, then the pet suffers – it is cruel and irresponsible.

It would be nice if Archimedes could find a good home. Until then, he has adopted us and we will take care of him. It is unfortunate that male cats of adult age are so very territorial – but they are. Our male cats sit indoors looking out the front (or back) screen door, having hissy fits that Archimedes is hanging around outside. Archimedes basically ignores our cats and sits peacefully – he is quite easy-going. However, if the two sides would ever meet nose-to-nose, I’m sure that sparks and claws would fly, and I don’t want to see that happen.

IF you live in the Penang area, and are RESPONSIBLE, love animals, and WOULD NEVER abandon an animal when the ‘going-gets-tough’, and if you would like to care for a really great cat, then you can send me a comment. However, I would be very thorough in my questions for you regarding your wish to adopt. Knowing that Archimedes was abandoned once already, I would not want to risk it happening again – I’m sure you understand.

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