Day: April 29, 2012

Cracks & Foot_CSC5484, EDIT C, NJN667

Via Flickr:
Title: “Cracks & Foot, Edit C”.
Creation Date: 29 Apr 2012.
Location: Penang, Malaysia.

Nawfal Johnson Nur’s photostream on flickr.

Broken Egg & Fork on Tile, Edit C, NJN667Enduring Dance in Motion, No1, Edit BDANCING TO CONNECT SHOW, Photo 2Ember Dance, No2, Edit CEmber Dance _DSC4250, Edit B, NJNDancer Waiting to Perform - Dancing to Connect Show
Amellia Feroz, F4147, Edit BAmellia Feroz, F4138, Edit CZUMBA, #1, Edit CAida Redza  Kimmy Kiew No.1Lil' BLACK - Cat PortraitMasjid Kapitan Keling by Moonlight, Edit B, njn
ELVIS FACECannon Street Door, Edit B, njnBLACK AND SELF-PORTRAITAlong Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, Edit B, njnafe ANG Face & Hand19 CANNON STREET, Edit B
SPLASH-20110625_91, EDIT D, NJN2Orange - Blue SPLASH-20110625_100, Edit C, NJNHangers on Green_CSC18, March 2011JENAN DREAMING - PANOTHE BIG YAWNLIL BLACK

I just saw that I could share my photostream from Flickr, on my blog, so here is the connection.

I just added a new, kind of surreal still life image, “Broken Egg & Fork on Tile, Edit C”.

Looks like another rainy day here in Penang. Must be Monsoon, or Mini-Monsoon Season time of the year.

Thanks for the visit!