Day: May 8, 2012


“Black Holes Royally Mess Things Up!”

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My “Blog Black Hole Process”:

1) Create blog entry.

2) Edit blog entry.

3) Hit “Publish” on the toolbar of Windows Live Writer.

4) Blog entry leaves my computer at nearly the speed of light.

5) Blog entry passes the Event Horizon.

6) Blog entry must eventually enter the black hole.

7) Blog entry is TOTALLY ANAILIATED at the singularity!


Thus, said blog posts/entries are never actually seen by anyone, but perhaps, that Martian, or the odd Cryptonian, as it races through the universe, and then so drunkenly falls into a black hole.

“And black holes are a bottomless pit of math with solutions that seem impossible.” (Source: 



Title:  “The View from the Event Horizon, No. 1, Edit C”.
Creation Year:  2012.

The Flying Monkey of Extreme Luminance


TITLE:  “The Flying Monkey of Luminance”.

One thing I just learned about WINDOWS LIVE WRITER and Blog Publishing is that WLW does not play nice with all the themes that are used in WordPress, at least not the theme I use in this blog and another one I write to.

I use the “AutoFocus” theme for this blog, and I really like it as a Photo Blog theme.  However, WLW does not seem to like it very much.  When I open WLW, and add a photo to my blog entry, all I get is a gray box at the top of the blog writing / composition area, with a flash or java rotating wheel, that never stops.  This has happened because at first when adding my blogs to WLW, I also allowed WLW to detect and download the theme.  For some reason, on my machine, this does not work for my theme, AutoFocus.

My Solution:  Do not allow WLW to download the theme when setting up the blog.  So far so good.

Another irritating thing about WLW is that when I click on Set categories, half of the categories box is off the left side of the screen.  I can’t even click on my preexisting categories because I can’t see them properly.  And, you can’t drag the box to a new location on the screen – please fix this WLW people, OK!