20 Important Points Learned from a Vincent Versace Interview on The Candid Frame

This blog entry is about what I feel are 20 VERY important points that Vincent Versace discussed during an interview on the photo podcast, The Candid Frame.

Some of these points are things you should just ponder for awhile:  You can come up with your own interpretation.

  1. You don’t take photos; photos are supposed to take you.
  2. D MAX:  Do you know what it is?  You can learn about it here.
  3. Do not pre-visualize a shot before you see it:  Be there and be open to the ideas that present themselves to you, when you are there.
  4. All problems should be worked out at time of the capture:  Why?  Because “Photoshop” is not a verb!
  5. Technique should be automatic and this is reached with practice:  Lots and lots of practice.
  6. “Everything happens at the speed-of-life.”  (Vincent Versace).
  7. Photography is experiencing – and there is always more to experience.
  8. The more creative things you do – the more creative you will be, no matter what creative things you do.
  9. Don’t get stuck playing a single note, it will lead you into a rut (i.e. Into a photographic grave).
  10. Don’t assist other people into beating you up – there are already enough people out there who want to beat you up, so don’t help them with this.
  11. Don’t compare yourself and your work to anyone else – you have something to say with your photography and you can only be as good as you are.
  12. Where there is light – there needs to be dark:  Dark is as important as light in a photograph.
  13. Look at “White’s Illusion.”
  14. Strobe light has hard edges, whereas natural continuous light (sunlight) is soft.  Work outside with ambient light with a big diffuser.
  15. Low intensity light is prettier than high intensity light.
  16. Why mimic sunlight?  Just go outside:  Diffused sunlight is prettier than strobe light.
  17. “I photograph portraits like landscapes, and I photograph landscapes like portraits.”  (Vincent Versace).
  18. “If you want to take better photographs, then stand in front of better stuff.”  (This is my favorite point.  Vincent said that Joe McNally said that.)
  19. You must know the concept of what works compositionally.
  20. Everything Matters!  Every small detail dovetails into everything else, even the smallest detail matters in photography, as it does in anything you want to do excellently.

Those were the 20 most important things I learned while listening to Vincent Versace’s interview on The Candid Frame.

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