A GREAT Video with Photographer Zack Arias speaking about Collecting friends on social media

A great video with Zack Arias speaking about Social Media – about Giving More, and Collecting Less!

Awesome Presentation – Awesome Attitude – Zack is Really a Humble and Sociable Person.

This nonsense about “collecting friends” on Facebook and Twitter, and all the others, is one of the main reasons I DROP-KICKED Facebook – I couldn’t stand all the people who have all the fake friends – “I have 4000 friends on Facebook!”  REALLY!  Are they really all your friends?  I doubt it, seriously!  Maybe 30 friends and 3970 people you don’t know jack or shee’o’it about.  That’s probably more of the truth.  I couldn’t take it any more.  I just want to share more and take less…and in the end, the Universe will equalize everything.

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