“Lost, I found there a stone
Erected in line
With one of the brightest stars
Of all the night sky vault
And I took my time
Took off the moss
Washed away the dust
And gave a new lease of life
Its’ mystical force
I grab it now
And praise this lord
Of earth and stone
Make passage for souls awaken.”
{Song Lyrics Credit: GOJIRA, “From The Sky.” Album: FROM MARS TO SIRIUS (2005)}

** GOJIRA tends to be my ‘work music’ – not sure why. Sometimes, the music fades to the background, and then I allow myself to be more open to creativity and things in the creative realm seem to flow smoothly. However, if the valve, the flow is cut off, or obstructed by the things, the difficulties, the problems and issues of life…the things that muck-up-the-works…then, it is really difficult for me to feel calm enough to feel energy and the flow of creativity – the flow of an ‘Artistic Life.’ Peace is of much value. **

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