So Many Difficulties Uploading Proper Jpegs to Saatchi Online – Why?

I’m almost finished trying to upload ANY new photos to my Saatchionline Gallery :

Here’s what happens:  I’ll attempt to upload a new jpeg image to my gallery, and maybe the first image I attempt is successful.  Yippie!  All of the parameters of the successfully uploaded image are in-line with the image file requirements of saatchionline.  It works.

The next moment, I attempt to upload another jpeg image with the EXACT SAME DETAILS as the one that was successful…HOWEVER, after uploading the image, I get a message saying There are NO PRINT OPTIONS FOR THIS PHOTOGRAPH! 

  • Meaning, your image file is not within the file requirements – so you can’t offer prints-for-sale:  HOWEVER, THIS IS TOTAL NONSENSE!  The unsuccessfully uploaded images is practically a clone of the successfully uploaded image – so what’s the deal, saatchionline?

This happens every time I have tried to upload new work to my Saatchi Gallery.  I am so fed up with this. 

So, what is the deal with Saatchi?  

I have no idea, and I would like to add my work to my Saatchi Gallery, but their “technology” is making it VERY, VERY, VERY irritating for me to even continue trying to upload images.

I want to contact them to ask why there is an issue with uploading files that meet their file-upload requirements; however, I find that their “Contact Us” form is very, very intrusive!  There is NO reason they need to have my telephone number, and other personal information they ask for.  It is bad enough that every single alphabetical a g e n c y   is        s n o o p i n g on every piece of digital matter on the WEB – why is an online art website wanting so much personal information from users just to ask questions about problems they are having with saatchionline’s website gallery uploader?  There is no reason to ask me for so much personal data; therefore, I choose NOT to give them so much of my personal data – there is NO need!

Thus, I am basically fed up with Saatchi and their website NOT accepting my digital files that FIT THEIR UPLOAD REQUIREMENTS.

Enough said on this subject, I guess.  I’m not angry about it, don’t misunderstand me:  I’m more disappointed because how difficult it has been to upload images and get the website to accept them for print sales.  I would guess that my success rate is at about 20% for uploading images to saatchionline that are accepted with print sales options.

It makes no sense to me.

I’m just say’en…


    1. That is a good question, and here is their answer:
      “Example: 6000 ./. 5000 = 1.2:1 Aspect Ratio (no prints will be generated with this aspect ratio)

      To calculate from centimeters divide by 2.54 to get what your inches are.

      Once you have your inches times by 150 = pixel size
      Divide the larger number by small number pixel = Aspect Ratio

      Please look at the print chart that contains the aspect ratio that will generate Prints below.

      Aspect Ratio: 1:1 , 1.25:1 , 1.27:1 , and 1.33:1

      In order to upload an artwork image on Saatchi Online, the size requirement is 1200×1500 pixels, no less.”


      Because they are so STRICT with the aspect ratio, for Saatchi, I make my life easier and just crop all of my images to 1:1 – a Square image.

      With Imagekind, I can throw any dimensioned photo at them and they will work it out on their side: Maybe they have to crop a little when a print is made, but they DON’T give the artist such a headache with dimensions, like Saatchi does.


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