Hello friends! 

Well, I am back in operation after yet another “Blue Screen of Death and Destruction!”  In other words, my operating system crashed.  That means…total reformat of hard drive and reinstall of the operating system.  That also means that IF you, or I, have NOT backed up files, then they will be lost.  I got lucky, really lucky because I backed up all my photo files and documents, earlier yesterday – I did luck out with the ‘external hard drive of alacrity!’  Oh well, the re-install of software is a pain, but knowing that my data files were backed up is a relief. 

My advice to everyone is to make file backups every-single-day!


  1. I’m sorry to hear that. I know from experience what a pain it can be.
    I always keep not just one, but 2 back ups! More hard drives but safer. At least for the very important files.
    Glad your files were saved!


    1. Hi Marina! Thanks! Yeah, I keep at least one extra copy on external HD, and now a copy in ‘the cloud.’ Technology was supposed to make lives ‘better’ – not so sure about that. 🙂


    1. Thank you! It is difficult – and a pain in the boo’tay – but as long as I keep ahead of the computer’s nonsense – it will rue the day it attempts to crash on me again, and again, oh well, it is a constant battle between humans and the machines.


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