Alien Probe Released, v3, Edit E, 2003

Alien Probe Released, v3, Edit E, 2003


OFF WORLD – ALIEN LANDSCAPES is a mixed-media art series that I started in 2001. This series has continued in a slow progression over the years, and that is OK with me. I may design one, maybe two of these art pieces per year; however, I admit, some years I have not completed an art piece for this series.  I find that I must be very focused to work on pieces for this series – distractions and other things that interfere with the creative process work against me.  Distractions, stress, and other such roadblocks to living a Creative Life, are normal things – inconvenient, but normal.

This series continues today, and will continue into the future. For this collection, the art pieces are designed and worked on when I am greatly inspired: The inspiration usually comes from short science fiction stories I develop in my mind, which are eventually put to paper, so to speak.  Other times, I am greatly inspired by my favorite Sci-Fi TV shows, such as Star Gate UNIVERSE; the STAR TREK Franchise; SPACE ABOVE & BEYOND; and, BABYLON 5. 

When I find that inspiration – when I am filled with inspiration, that is when new work begins for the OFF WORLD – ALIEN LANDSCAPES Series.

What I envision when working on these art photography pieces, is what landscapes or seascapes may look like on some alien world. The scenes in these art pieces are essentially based on the Sci-Fi stories that I have come up with, or those from science fiction shows, or books.  These are images that could exist on some alien world, at least, that is the effect I am going for in these art works.

These art pieces are constructed using various artistic mediums, including photography, painting, drawing, miniature sculpture, ordinary objects, and computer digital art.  This is my only art series where I incorporate so many art media elements. I guess, I construct these art pieces like a puzzle, and with a lot of luck, time, patience, and some skillful attention to details, things normally work out.

I hope you enjoy seeing the OFF WORLD – ALIEN LANDSCAPES Art Photography Series.

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