Title:  "DEVIL'S TRAP, V.4, EDIT G." Year:  2013. Copyright 2013 Nawfal Johnson Nur.

Title: “DEVIL’S TRAP, V.4, EDIT G.”
Year: 2013.
Copyright 2013 Nawfal Johnson Nur.


Hey All!
Anyone else out there who used to watch that great British, and kind of radical, comedy show, THE YOUNG ONES? I did – it was awesome.

There was one episode where Neil phoned Vivian (from a phone booth), and he said with much fear: “Vivian, technologies hassling me again!

Yeah, that’s exactly how I’m feeling.

One damned computer crash after another – blue screens of death and destruction; and believe it or not, I even had a GREEN SCREEN OF DEATH! NEVER had that before.

Not sure what the bleepity-bleep-bleep-bleep is wrong with this machine!

  • The HD Check software I ran says my HD is OK.
  • O.S. installed, OK.
  • RAM is OK.
  • CMOS Battery is OK.
  • Motherboard, as far as I can tell, is OK.
  • Computer Fan is OK.
  • HD cable – not sure – maybe that is the culprit, but I’m just kind of fed up.

The destruction, the blood, the guts, the tears…I am SOOOOOOOO sick and tired of technology hassling me that I have not even wanted to do any computer work.

I’ve spent hours upon hours trouble-shooting and re-installing software after software, and then re-formatting to re-install O.S., and running all sorts of Anti-Virus, and Anti-Malware tests, and ALL IS CLEAN in the machine!

Maybe it is one of them ‘ghosts-in-the-machine’ hassling me.

Me thinks me computer is possessed!

Maybe it just needs an EXORCISM! I’m just waiting for my computer to start spinning around in circles all by itself, and then vomiting pea soup. That would be interesting – I would have to catch some video of that…when it happens. See, I said “when it happens” because I am pretty darn sure my computer has been taken over by a demon of some sort.

So, at the moment it (the computer) is working; however, that is how it operates, you know. Just when it has me believing that all is good with the world, ah ha, that is when it starts jerking me around!

I’m just tired…


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