This is a two-hours and 12-minutes video that is well worth the time. Give up some TV time, and sit down and watch this video.

There is a very small group of elitist-globalist-NW0 ba$tard$ whose main goal is to destroy sovereign nations in order to gain world domination (in short) through global governance and some sort of global currency.

This power-mad group, and their puppet leaders of various countries, are totally and morally bankrupt!

Ignorance is not bliss!

Toward the end of the video there are a lot of suggestions given, which anyone can do to help fight against these power-mad lunatics.


One comment

  1. I will clarify a few things about what I think of this video:
    1) It is a very interesting video, for sure.
    2) I am not totally convinced about the ability of any ‘alien’ species that may exist, no matter how advanced they are, to be able to successfully travel to Earth – that is a very complex Physics issue, and why would an advanced alien species even wish to visit Earth? I am not convinced that an alien race of any kind (if they exist) would be more advanced than humans – they could or they could not be.
    3) I do believe that many brilliant scientists have had their advanced energy inventions squashed by the powerful petro-chemical and banking elitists (Morgans, Rockefellers, Rothchilds, etc) because these power-mad people want the monopoly on the energy/fuel supply sector: free and efficient energy would be bad for their business, but free energy would be great for humanity.
    4) The Globalist NW0 Elitists Control: The ones with wealth and power benefit from the control of oil and coal reserves. They also control the banking and food industries: Petroleum based agriculture (possible dangerous herbicides and pesticides; and also, dangerous-or-unhealthy levels of certain heavy metals [for example, cadmium and arsenic] or other toxic chemicals, like dioxin ( ) ] found in fertilizers and herbicides [see: ; ; ] ) is a disaster. GMO is a dangerous disaster for humanity. This ultra-rich cabal also controls big-pharma. They also highly influence public education. They also control governments through their influence and money, and their involvement in powerful committees (Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, and CFR (Council on Foreign Relations)).
    5) The globalist banking cartel through the not-at-allFederal‘ Reserve (and IMF, World Bank, etc.), has the basic hard-working American (or world citizen) by-the-balls, so-to-speak, and the general populations are used as collateral to pay off a debt that will never be paid off. Here at , it is put better than I can put it:
    “So what we have is a central bank issuing worthless paper “money” that controls our economy, our lives and our future. This private banking cartel was unconstitutionally granted this power by a devious, scheming group of senators back in 1913. In essence what they did was place the American people into indentured servitude by forcing The People to pay usury on worthless fiat currency (paper money created out of nothing), not to fund the government, but to enrich the bankers and fund wars in which America should never be involved. This system exists not to fund the government, but to allow the U.S. Congress carte blanche power to continue funding unconstitutional agencies and programs by providing them with a bottomless source of worthless ink.”
    So, these are serious issues to consider.


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