I’m still not on the computer very much.

The Iritis from Hell is still with me:  One month and one day later…

Have you ever caught yourself saying:  “What the HELL else?”  And then, you realize that you shouldn’t have even asked.

“Pendejo!  Why did you say that?  You know that $hit is going to happen when you say the magic words, ‘What the Hell else?'”

And it happens – out of nowhere a lightning bolt hit you on the a$$ or something else just as entertaining.

So…the other day when I was at the Ophthalmologist’s clinic and I asked the doc,

“What are all these old, black spider webs with dead insects stuck in them…why is that floating around in my eyeball…what is that all about?”

Calmly, he says,

“Those are pigments from your Iris that have sloughed off and are now floating around in the aqueous fluid:  It is a bit of a rare disorder called Pigment Dispersion Syndrome (PDS).”  He continues, “If too much of the pigments get into that part of your eye it can cause pigmentary glaucoma.”

You ever notice how calm doctors are when they give you bad-frick’en-news…I suppose it is much better if your doctor stays calm so you can panic when they drop the medical-bad-news-b o m b on you.

These spider webs and the blurriness are driving me FRACK’EN CRAZY!  I constantly see these very fast mosquitoes flying around, and there are dirty specks in my drinking water; but not really, the visual sensations are from my seeing the floating pigments in my eyeball.  The spider’s web of pigments is deceiving for sure:  One of these days I will have dirt in my water glass and think, “No eyeball!  You’re not fool’en me this time!”  And then proceed to drink dirty water.

I have not had time to contemplate what this crappy news means for me and my photography:  Believe me, having a horribly dirty and blurry eye creates a few issues with my photography.  I’m not saying that it has stopped my photography; however, I believe I will depend A LOT more on my camera’s auto-focus technology.

Nothing could have stopped this from happening – maybe it is a natural progression in my genetic makeup.  First, we add HLA-B27 genetic marker to his code.  Second, at 15, we slap him with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS).  Third, we make things a little more fun…hummmmm…how about Chronic Iritis; and then, to make things really interesting for this photographer, what about PDS!  Awesome! 😦  No, not so awesome.

On a brighter note, I have an “IRITIS COLLECTION” started:  All of the photographs in this new collection have been designed during this time with Iritis and PDS.

Perhaps if I’m at the computer later, I’ll start to exhibit the IRITIS COLLECTION photographs.

Well my closing advice is this:  NEVER ask yourself “What the Hell else?” when life kicks you in the eyeball, or any other place on your body.



  1. Yes, it is definitely one thing one should NEVER say or even think!
    I’m so sorry to hear this, Nawfal and I hope your eyes find a way to recover soon.
    As for doctors – I know too well that tone of voice and those stupid terms they use.
    When you get better remind me to tell you about fb for a laugh!
    Can’t wait to see your collection…
    Recover soon! 🙂


    1. Thank you Marina! 🙂 I can only take it one-day-at-a-time, I guess. I look forward to hearing your story, and also, to showing my Iritis Collection. All in good time.


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