I decided to start showing photographs from this new collection of images: THE IRITIS COLLECTION. This collection is a multi-series group. Some of the series, like this one, have only one image. Other series in this collection have several images. The thing that binds the series together is that the images were all designed during this time when I have been dealing with a very Chronic and Long-lasting episode of Iritis – and it is still going on. To make things worse, I have also developed PDS in my right eye, which makes it virtually impossible to see anything but blurry objects through my right eye – as far as I’ve researched, there is NO cure for PDS (Pigment Dispersion Syndrome).

Because I am dealing with these two eye diseases, I thought that this photograph of blurry bottles would be ideal because it is kind of the same type of blurriness that I see through my right eye. IF you add black, dirty spider-webs and flying black dots all over in my vision, then this photo would be a very exact representation of my vision in my right eye, right now.

I’m still not on the computer very much, but I just wanted to get the ball rolling and start with this single image from the collection. I will add more images slowly as I spend little episodes of time on the computer.

Thanks for visiting my new post and seeing the beginning of THE IRITIS COLLECTION!


    1. Hi Marina! Thank you! 🙂

      It has been a VERY difficult past couple of months. I have not fully come to contemplate the possibility, or ‘fact’, that I may be stuck with these eye diseases….forever. It may only get worse with age. As a Photographer, and as an Artist who loves seeing the world in focus and without ‘fog’, it is so difficult. I may have to incorporate this new perspective on seeing the world, as a ‘unique’ viewpoint as not very many other people will have the ‘opportunity’ to experience. I’m not saying that this is a good thing at all – the foggy and disruptive ‘junk’ floating around in my eye is a HUGE BUMMER – I prefer 1000% more, to see the world and all the wonders involved in seeing – creating – and experiencing the fine details that exist in front of me. However, maybe that is no longer the type of world I see. I may just have to come to grips with these eyesight changes and work with them and get this different perspective involved, or work around them. Either way, poor eyesight, and less ability to perceive subjects like I used to, will, indeed, change my art-experience of the subjects I photograph.

      I must NOT let this new issue with seeing, derail myself from moving forward. I like what Brooks Jensen says about this sort of thing: “Even if you are falling on your face – At least you are moving forward.” Maybe I just need to fall on my face A LOT to move forward.

      Thank you again, Marina – I truly enjoy seeing your work, and reading your very kind and warm words. I will do my best to follow the doctors’ words and treatments. That, of course, includes sticking to the suggested rule of limiting my usage of the computer or reading books.

      Take care, also.


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