Face on Yellow Crying Red ~ by Marina Kanavaki

Face on Yellow Crying Red.

Please have a look at “Face on Yellow Crying Red” – it is a wonderful art piece by my friend, Marina Kanavaki.  She is a wonderful artist of SO MUCH Talent!  🙂

She has so many great works, I can spend hours, seriously, hours seeing closely, and intently, at her work and see something new each time.

Please have a look at her art blog.

She is also a wonderful musical talent!

All the BEST,



  1. I’ve been here quite some time trying to compose a decent sentence but I am still speechless! I am deeply touched, by this gesture and for your wonderful [and very very flattering] words. Thank you from my heart, Nawfal. I obviously didn’t expect it… You know already how much your words mean to me, my very talented friend! 🙂


    1. I am very grateful that you and your artwork are part of my life. It is like that old saying: “When you are ready, teachers / friends / artists / are brought into your life.” (something like that). I believe that is true, and somewhat rare. Thus, I must be ready to accept everything that is opened to my eyes.

      Your work is inspiring to me: Some days, I am so uninspired and dragging, and that is when, especially, seeing other artists and photographers’ works inspire me and turns my thoughts around. It is like a car, kind of: If my ‘petrol tank’ is almost empty, then I need some inspiration, and seeing others’ works is very helpful and I become more filled with inspiration. When my ‘petrol tank’ is filled and ready to go, I feel energized.

      I am grateful to you, and other talented artists who help keep me inspired and moving forward, because it is not easy to live an artistic life – we have many struggles and tests that we must face and tackle.

      Very Best Regards, Nawfal


      1. Ah, I know what you mean about that ‘petrol tank’ You are also a that to me my friend. Still I can’t help but feel very flattered and grateful, so another big big thank you and… please take care of your eyes!! You spent some time posting this when you should be off the screen resting your eyes or using it for your amazing work!!
        No need to answer this. A big smile from your friend 🙂 and warmest regards!


      2. Thanks Marina!
        Yeah, I am a pretty difficult patient. 🙂 I do, indeed, need to take a break for awhile. Wishing you a Great Creative Day!


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