Matisse from SFMOMA!

Matisse Exhibition at SFMOMA

November 9, 2013 – September 7, 2014
Well, I wish I could go – I am sure it would be awesome.
Victoria, [Victoria Kloch – is a BRILLIANT Artist – see her work HERE! ] … If you go to see this show, please let me know how it was.  I think it would be one of those “WOW” moments to see so many Matisse paintings in one place.
Matisse was a big influence on the work of many Abstract Expressionists – the work of painters who I am highly respectful of, and who, in their way have influenced my way of designing my abstract photographs.  Piet Mondrian (Dutch, 1872–1944) [You can see Mondrian’s work at the MoMA website ]; Mark Rothko at MoMA and the Rothko Chapel in Houston, TX (USA)  ; and, Jackson Pollock, whose work I was fortunate enough to see in person, at one of my FAVORITE Art Museums, the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, Nebraska.  In their permanent collection they have Pollock’s 1947, “Galaxy”Seeing that work, long ago, was one of the influences that pushed me to develop an “abstract way of seeing things.”
I have more, much more work that I think I need to look at, and then, publish here at my blog.  That’s all for now – I should get back to some other work now.  Thanks for visiting my Photography-Blog, I appreciate your “Likes” and your comments.
It is very strange, but the cloud of pigments in my right eye swim around in there and sometimes a cloud of pigments wants to wade in my eye fluid, RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYE’S LENS!  It is quite frustrating because it causes my vision to turn a bit foggy.  Nevertheless, when it happens, I then have to quickly move my eyes around to attempt to get the cloudiest clouds to move somewhere else.  This is, indeed, troublesome, but manageable so far.


    1. As I just mentioned under your other comment – It is truly my pleasure that talented artists have come into my life. How will I “spread my wings” and expand my understanding of abstract art if not by sight – not by looking at others’ artworks, but to really SEE the deeper emotions and technique of other artists through their artwork. My Very Kind Regards, Nawfal. 🙂


      1. Spoken as a true artist yourself. I feel exactly the same. I recently viewed the work of Richard Diebenkorn. I was moved to tears. I think that as artists it is nourishment to our soles and we can somehow participate in a glimpse of something special indeed. How wonderful that we can share and grow as artist together from such a distance. Take care, Victoria


    1. Thanks for the Info! 🙂 This would be so awesome to see…well maybe one fine day I’ll be able to see something like that by Matisse. I’m glad that this exhibition is happening – very cool.


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