FRUSTRATED with Saatchi Online

Not long ago, I wrote to Saatchi Online asking why my perfectly good photo files were not accepted for any Prints for Sale, by their uploading software.

They responded very quickly and I was happy with that.  They explained that photo files must be of certain aspect ratios – one of them was 1:1 – a Square. I believe that photo files must be a minimum of 1500 x 1500 also.  All photos I upload are considerably larger than 1500 x 1500 at 300ppi.  In other words, I make sure that all my files meet and surpass requirements.

Therefore, to make my life easier, I decided to crop some image files to 1:1 so I can upload “acceptable” files to their sales website:  To my Sales Gallery.

Guess what?  Now they have some ridiculous line in their uploading form for DIMENSIONS:  H, W, and D(epth).  Like, OK, get real Saatchi.  Why is dimensions required for print sales?  It makes no sense.  A customer may want a smaller print or larger print – the size may not even be the same as the one I would list.

I UNCHECKED the box that says, I want to sell the original.  That obviously means that I want to sell ONLY PRINTS of my DIGITAL Photo files.  I AM NOT selling original paintings.  Therefore, I was hoping that the DIMENSIONS boxes would be removed from the uploading form – HOWEVER, even with the “I want to sell the original” box UNCHECKED,  I am still required to enter the DIMENSIONS – that is ludicrous.

Yeah, my print at 150ppi is 13.49 x 13.49 x .05  inches (for example)!  What the $hit?  How the hell do I know what the measurement is for DEPTH?  How thick is Photo Luster paper?  How thick is Epson Matte Paper?  Good Grief!  Why would anyone want to know that?  Why am I REQUIRED to put in the DIMENSIONS of photo prints – I don’t even know what it would be.  It is unnecessary information – it is making the artist / photographer’s life more complicated.  I don’t need more complications in my life:  I already have enough – I don’t want any more – thank you very much!

I think I will avoid as much complications and ONLY UPLOAD MY PHOTOS AT IMAGEKIND!  I can throw any size photo at IMAGEKIND and they do the ‘heavy-lifting’ for me.

I don’t care if there is some cropping when Canvas Artwork is printed – it isn’t so much and I don’t have to worry about it.  We, Artists ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH TO THINK ABOUT.  Online Sales Galleries should NOT make our lives more difficult – they should help us make our lives easier.

That’s my 2-cents worth.  I really wanted to give Saatchi another chance – but I’m frustrated with the difficult nature of uploading images.  The numbers should tell me something about who makes life easier for me:  I have almost 700 Art Photographs for sale at , and only 30 images at Saatchi.

I believe I won’t aggravate myself anymore with Saatchi – Maybe it is a great place for other people, but it has not been for me.


    1. I’m not sure everyone would have the same general experience – I’m sure they are great for some people – However, I have had lots of frustration with uploading images. I may be the anomaly.


    1. Hello Mary! 🙂 Very nice to read your note. Well, I wrote to them by email, and they were very prompt in their response, which was clear and informative. However, I was not so thrilled that they expect photographer’s photo file dimension to be so exact to their specifications; and in addition, of the five or so dimension ratios they require, 1:1 (Square) photo is the easiest and quickest dimension to edit for. I think their minimum pixel size is 1500 pix as the shortest side. That’s not a problem. 150ppi is the minimum pixels per inch. So, yeah, they were good about answering my initial questions about why my photos were not available for sale as prints. Thus, I attempted to add photos to my gallery at Saatchi. I followed all the directions, yet, I got the thin red warning that my image file is NOT available for prints. I am patient, but taking photos, editing photos, resizing photos and then attempting to upload photo files to an online sales site is very time consuming. For some reason, even though I have followed all the directions Saatchi gave, I have been unsuccessful most of the time. My patience have reached a certain limit with their site. I’m not upset with them for anything – life is too short to get too upset with much of anything that is NOT major. Since I have alternatives, that is my solution. I have nearly 700 Artworks uploaded at Imagekind, so I am very happy with Imagekind, even though they are NOT perfect either, but much easier for me. I am also uploading artwork with success to – it is a German Company, and their uploading is pretty easy too. Even though Saatchi has the famous “Saatchi” name associated with them, I just can’t waste more time now being disappointed with my uploading experience. If you want to try, maybe you would have much better luck. They offer to sell original art pieces and I feel they also focus on original art piece artists – that is their choice.


  1. Thanks for the information Nawfal – I’ll have to keep this in mind. The best solution is going to the other sites and maybe Saatchi will realize when their growth of artists starts to decline.


    1. Yeah, maybe other people are having some trouble uploading, but I’m not sure. Their over all look is good – very slick, but for me, uploading has been very problematic. Like I mentioned, I can throw any size or dimension photo at Imagekind, and they don’t care, and I don’t mind if when a print is made that some cropping is done. I usually try to leave some “dead-space” around my main subject, so the dead-space is what gets cropped usually – I’m happy with that.

      Thanks Mary! 🙂


  2. I generally don’t respond, but I believe the difficulty in the measurements is meant for at least the best effort for your art to look as great as possible. I do believe however that Saachi has always tried to be a leader in Fine Art and mostly 2-D art that is generally done on Canvas and the depth they are looking for is the Canvas or frame depth. They do supply a minimum measurement for prints. None of the online sources for selling art want it to be easy, then everyone would think it was easy.

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