5-Degrees Sky, V.10, EDIT B by Nawfal Johnson Nur

5-Degrees Sky, V.10, EDIT B by Nawfal Johnson Nur

Title: “5-Degrees Sky, V.10, EDIT B.”
Series: Off World – Alien Landscapes.
Creation Year: 2004.
Copyright: © 2004 Nawfal Johnson Photography ~ All Rights Reserved.
Fine Art Prints & Canvas are available at :

** Just a note about this image, and probably the next (probably many) images. I’ve had several hard drive crashes since 2003, and in those cases I’ve lost many photograph files. However, I just rediscovered my imation CD-R’s and many of the photos that were lost are on these CD-R disks…and they still work! Amazing!  Hard drives don’t work forever, but my imation CD’s are still working and I am thrilled with this. My trusty SAMSUNG writemaster CD-RW drive is also working very well.  Yahoo for kick-ass old technology!  I’m just happy that I have recovered so many image and video files – many of which I thought were gone forever. Knowing how reliable my CD’R’s are, I may have to continue backing up some important files on CD’s or DVD’s – I need something that will be reliable for 10 or 20 (or more) years. :^) **

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