Eighteen, No. 4, Edit D, Abstract Expressionism Photography

Eighteen, No. 4, Edit D, Abstract Expressionism Photography

Title: “Eighteen, No. 4, Edit D.”
Creation Year / Mon / Day: 2014 / 01 / 20.
Series Year: 2014.
Style: Abstract Expressionism Photography.
Note: The initial photographs for this fine art series, were designed on January 18, 2014; thus, I have decided that “EIGHTEEN” would be the name of this series, and the titles of each photographic artwork in this series. The “EIGHTEEN” series, art pieces all initially came from photographs of my abstract expressionism, acrylic, paintings. The paintings in my art photographs are never the end of the work: The paintings are only a means to an end. The ‘end’ is always the finished abstract art photograph. In many cases, the painting does not survive.
I have been told that there is a butterfly figure in this artwork: Yes, there could be a butterfly in this artwork…there are lots of things in the EIGHTEEN Series.

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