“The Last Two”

Title: “The Last Two”
Creation Date: 30 January 2014.
Genre: Still Life Photography.
Copyright 2014 Nawfal Johnson Photography
All Rights Reserved.

I am both sad and in the background, happy. These are my LAST TWO NOKIBA Joss-Sticks. They are actually antiques, that is, if antiques are considered as an object 25-years old. These joss-sticks are approximately 25-years, 5-months old. That is 9284 days! That is 802,137,600 seconds old!

I bought these joss-sticks in 1988, when I was in Sakura, Japan. These joss-sticks hold some sentimental value to me, and I am sad that I now only have one joss-stick – one of the joss-sticks is burning in this photo.

These are the MOST Beautiful smelling joss-sticks I have ever experienced – they are like smelling a bouquet of wild flowers.

These are NOKIBA JOSS-STICKS, and they were made by SHOYEIDO & CO., LTD, in Kyoto, Japan.


I may keep this single joss-stick and not burn it. As you can clearly tell, I have been quite conservative in my use of these joss-sticks because they have been with me for over 25-years. Maybe someday I will return to Japan, and maybe I will visit Sakura again. I hope to…and when I do, I will search for another box of NOKIBA Joss-Sticks. They are my favorite.

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