Day: March 4, 2014

A New Change to my Photography Blog Theme, and a Please “Buy me a Coffee” Button

Please Buy Me a Coffee!

So… let’s just start by saying I’m facing some very difficult times in my life.

Let’s ignore the medical issues I face, well, you can please ignore the medical issues I face, but I have to live with Ankylosing Spondylitis every-damned-day, but that is not the only issue of my difficulties, there is more.

I’ve run into some major financial issues that threaten my ability to continue painting, and perhaps photographing (that is, if my camera were to ever get damaged or have total catastrophic failure).  Most of my earnings, from whatever little in way of art prints I sell, and my Freelance Photography gigs, and my Contract work I do for a University, all of that income goes to paying bills – In other words, I try to be responsible and try to keep our (the family) heads above water.  Sometimes, we dip below water, and that is suffering that puts an indescribable stress on me, and maybe that is why I find it difficult to sleep at night. I am certain that my difficulties are mirrored by many millions of others in the world, during these difficult world economic times.

NEVERTHELESS, my wife is a huge contributor to the economics of my family:  She is a talented and gifted educationist, educator, teacher, and lecturer.  She is also a ruthless (in a good way) Editor!  Any college or university is lucky to have her teaching or administrating for them!  Seriously!  We both are facing difficulties – but her qualifications are superb, and I always pray that she finds much success with her educational and business goals.  Prayers seem to need time to root and grow, and takes time.  If anything, my wife’s contracts and efforts are really the things that keep my family’s heads above water.  I just wanted to add this bit of very valuable information to give credit where much credit is due – MUCH GRATITUDE to my wife!  🙂

To add fuel to the fire…

A contract that I have had with an Australian University, since 1999, was devastatingly affected when one of our major clients decided to go with another solution-provider: The University lost out big, and so did I – it was a contract that I counted on greatly, and suddenly, it, and the income from that contract has vaporized.  The feeling I got when I learned of this drastic change, recently, was like getting kicked in the teeth – I was speechless.

Asking for Help

Asking for Help – It is a very difficult thing to do.  I feel vulnerable, and if I ask for a Coffee, or a Donation, then I picture myself as the guy sitting on the street corner with a tin cup, and swimming in a sea of self-doubt, and with my self-confidence leaving my body and floating out into the universal ether.  If I ask for help, then I must have failed.


But then, last night, I decided to watch a TED-X video of Amanda Palmer’s talk, “The Art of Asking.”  It was amazing!  I love Amanda Palmer, and I knew nothing about her until last night.  She is a member of the duo band, The Dresden Dolls, from Boston.  She eloquently discussed the art of asking for help when needed.  They, such as, provide music, and to support their projects and production costs, they have a donation system (“Kickstarter”) to help them keep being creative.  She gave me the confidence, through her words, to be brave enough to add that “Buy me a Coffee” button to my blog.  Amanda is one beautiful and lovely soul and just seeing her, and having that connection with her, even though it was just the Internet, it helped me think drastically different about asking for something and making meaningful contacts with other people.  She assured me, through her words, that there are people out there who may read my blog, or stumble across my blog, who are willing to “Buy me a Coffee” but they do not know that I really need and would really appreciate their help – they don’t know because I did not ask!

I did not, and have never asked for help, until now.

The truth is that I work hard – sometimes I am busy 20-hours a day. I work on art photographs and paintings.  However, I believe that I do not work very smartly.  The truth is, that I suck at marketing – I am lost when it comes to marketing.  I do the best I know how using Internet sources.  However, I know that the Internet is just scratching the surface of possibilities, but my eyes are shut and ignorant to all the other ways to ‘pitch-my-products’ to willing buyers, and I am positive and hopeful that there are willing buyers who want my art creations:  I just need to connect with the willing buyers. 


I look at my tubes of acrylic paint and I see them gradually go down and down as I squeeze every micro-litre of pigment out of a tube – not wasting anything.  However, I know that when the tubes are empty, I cannot…not at this time, go out and buy more paint. When my supply of paint and varnish run dry, I will not be able to continue painting, until I can afford to get more paints, varnish, ink pens, etc.  These things, these supplies are, for me, expensive. Without seeing a Return On Investment (ROI) on my blood, sweat, and tears that I put into each art painting and art photograph, then I cannot justify buying new supplies, not when there are bills to pay.


I have hundreds, almost 800 fine art, beautiful Art Photographs listed in my Sales Gallery at Imagekind, the link being: , and marketing and attracting people to my gallery and being able to get them to buy a fine art print, is like pulling teeth!

The same goes for attempting to sell my fine art original paintings and art prints, at Saatchi –  .

I advertise my work everywhere I can think:  At my photo-blogs, at my twitter account, at my Facebook account – yes, I caved-in and started a new FB account – and I market the hell out of my works, each and every art piece I create gets listed at all of my marketing sources.  Yet, getting sales is like offering a root canal procedure – nice!  No.

The “Y” in the Path of the Road

I have come to the crossroads…I have come to the proverbial “Y” section along the path of life, and I have no clue which route to take.  In the meantime, I guess putting up the “Buy me a Coffee” Button cannot hurt.


Please, please, please, do not be offended my friends, especially my friends who visit my blog often, and actually read my words, and look deeply into my paintings and photographs.  I am not trying to ‘force’ or ‘coerce’ anyone to “Buy me a Coffee”.  Do not feel badly, and I will not feel badly either if you cannot.  I am just happy that you visit my blog and that we have connected, and that we communicate with words, and with art.

If anyone can “Buy me a Coffee” I am so very grateful to you, and the coffee money would go to help me continue my painting by purchasing new paints, or repairing equipment that breaks down, or whatever the needed item is that is necessary to help me continue designing and creating new paintings and photographs.

Feeling Extremely Exhausted Now

I feel very exhausted and drained now.  I have worked up my nerve to add the “Buy me a Coffee” button to my blog, that is something.  However, I also feel exposed – a bit eviscerated because I had to expose myself to explain why it is important to add the “Buy me a Coffee” button to my blog.  I feel a little embarrassed.  I feel sad.  I also feel angry that due to my decisions, things have turned out like this in my life: I must deserve what I get, isn’t it.  Or is it just a cruel world where some good people (if I am good) get pissed on all the time no matter what they do.  According to some extremely rich people who speak world-wide, they say that your life is an accumulation of the decisions that you have made:  If you make good decisions, then your life is awesome and you can eat steak everyday, just like everyone who ever graduated from “BOB’S SCHOOL OF QUANTUM MECHANICS”.  Why did I not go to BOB’S SCHOOL?  Damn’it all!  Damn the Devil!  If I were a Quantum Mechanic I could have Steak everyday, and a big Cadillac low-rider with hydraulic suspension – now that would be an awesome ride.

But no…

I chose a different path.

I love being artistic.  I love being a creative.  But I don’t love the situation that I’m drowning in now.

I have hope that things will turn around, but will things turn around soon enough – that is the big question that I need to fight for the answer.

That’s the End.

Peace and Blessings for you, my friends
All I can offer as advice is, “Make good and wise decisions; and, only get advice from successful, wise and happy people who WANT TO SEE YOU BE SUCCESSFUL!  Have faith that no matter how much today sucks, that if you work smarter, that tomorrow will be better!”  I guess that is my general advice.  Nevertheless, since I’m not doing so hot now, you can disregard my advice, and I will not be insulted one iota.  🙂



#1 of 49 – “THE 49-PROJECT” Art Photography Series by Nawfal Johnson on 2 March 2014

That is the Public Album Link where the entire THE 49-PROJECT can be seen. However, I will post each photograph here as well.

THE 49-PROJECT, is a Birthday Project that I have done now, for the third time. I did a 45-Project; a 48-PROJECT, and now, THE 49-PROJECT. The images designed, were created over a 4-hour period on 2 March 2014, on my 49th Birthday – the 4-hour time limit was self-imposed, which put the pressure on me a bit to get it done! The ideal is to design and create the same number of images that correspond to my years of age, in this case, 49. It was a difficult task. I did not photograph anything new for this collection. However, all the images in this project series are new creations made with pieces and parts of photographs that I have created in the past. Therefore, these are all new art photographs.

Title: #1 of 49.
Copyright 2014 Nawfal Johnson Photography.
All Rights Reserved.
Penang, Malaysia.

TUNNELLING in BLUE and ORANGE Acrylic Painting by Nawfal Johnson

TUNNELLING in BLUE and ORANGE Acrylic Painting by Nawfal Johnson

This is the URL link where the Original Painting and Archival Art Prints can be purchased, at my Saatchi Artist’s Sales Gallery:

Art Description:

Abstract Expressionism Painting.
Media: Acrylic Paint.
Acid Free, Heavy Weight Paper: 360 GSM, Natural White Rough Surface.
Size of Artwork: 305 mm x 229 mm (12 in x 9 in).
Varnish Glossy – Final Varnish with UV-Protection.

Created March 1, 2014

Copyright by the Artist – Nawfal Johnson Photography – 2014 ~ All Rights Reserved.
Penang, Malaysia.

MINIMAL DARK BLUE with Orange Streaks Acrylic Painting by Nawfal Johnson

MINIMAL DARK BLUE with Orange Streaks Acrylic Painting by Nawfal Johnson

This is the Link to my Saatchi Artist’s Gallery where the original painting can be purchased, and also, archival art prints.

Art Description:

Title: “MINIMAL DARK BLUE with Orange Streaks.”
Abstract Expressionism Painting.
Media: Acrylic Paint.
Acid Free, Heavy Weight Paper: 360 GSM, Natural White Rough Surface.
Size of Artwork: 305 mm x 229 mm (12 in x 9 in).
Varnish Glossy – Final Varnish with UV-Protection.

Created March 1, 2014

Copyright by the Artist – Nawfal Johnson Photography – 2014 ~ All Rights Reserved.
Penang, Malaysia.