THE 49-PROJECT by Nawfal Johnson

THE 49-PROJECT by Nawfal Johnson

THE 49-PROJECT, is a Birthday Project that I have done now, for the third time. I did a 45-Project; a 48-PROJECT, and now, THE 49-PROJECT. The images designed, were created over a 4-hour period on 2 March 2014, on my 49th Birthday – the 4-hour time limit was self-imposed, which put the pressure on me a bit to get it done! The ideal is to design and create the same number of images that correspond to my years of age, in this case, 49. It was a difficult task. I did not photograph anything new for this collection. However, all the images in this project series are new creations made with pieces and parts of photographs that I have created in the past. Therefore, these are all new art photographs.  I completed the 49 art photographs in 3-Hours and 58-minutes.  


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