New Artwork – soon – by Nawfal Johnson

New Art Piece Soon…

I’ve been working on a new artwork over the last week, and it still will take another four, five, or maybe 6 days to complete.  It’s not a painting this time.  It’s not photography either.  I’m working on something, a technique, a genre that I last worked in, in 1986!  That’s a few years ago, right.  

What is it?  Pointillism: Abstract Expression Pointillism.  And yes, it takes a lot of time to complete a Pointillism art piece.

I have already calculated the number of points that will fill the paper for this new art piece: It will have approximately 273,000 points!  That’s quite a few little dots on the paper.  And all of those dots take a lot of time – It takes… 1) Time; 2) Patience; 3) LOTS OF COFFEE; 4) I used to listen to The Doors – “Riders On the Storm” over and over – for some reason it put the rhythm of applying dots down on paper, easier; and 5) did I say LOTS AND LOTS OF COFFEE!

Anyway, So…THAT art piece will be forthcoming.

Take care!



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