Day: March 14, 2014

HD 188753 Abstract Expressionism Pointillism by Nawfal Johnson

A New Artwork, “HD 188753,” – Abstract Expressionism Pointillism by Nawfal Johnson

"HD 188753," (detail of artwork)  Abstract Expressionism Pointillism by Nawfal Johnson.

“HD 188753,” (detail of artwork) Abstract Expressionism Pointillism by Nawfal Johnson.

"HD 188753," (full artwork)  Abstract Expressionism Pointillism by Nawfal Johnson.

“HD 188753,” (full artwork) Abstract Expressionism Pointillism by Nawfal Johnson.

Artist’s Statement about “HD 188753”

Creation Finished Date: 14 March 2014.

Title Significance to this Artwork: 

There are three gold suns in this tightly clustered solar system: There is one sun in the centre (the focal point); and then the second golden sun just lower and to the left of centre; and the third golden sun is in the upper right quadrant, surrounded by loosely floating space debris, like asteroids.

 My Motivation for this Artwork

I was motivated to do this art piece by an article I read on the website, SPACE.COM.  There is a quote from the article that describes a unique triple-sun system:

“The triple-star system, HD 188753, is located 149 light-years away in the constellation Cygnus.   The primary star is like our Sun, weighing 1.06 solar masses. The other two stars form a tightly bound pair, which is separated from the primary by about the Sun-Saturn distance.” (Source: ).

Artwork Genre 

I classify this type of artwork as ‘Abstract Expressionism Pointillism.’ Every dot, and every solid-looking object in this art piece, is a dot. Due to the size of the dots and the viscosity of the inks used, the inks may have run-together to form solid-looking objects; but rest-assured, this is completely a Pointillism artwork.

Number of Dots

Based on a one-square-inch section of this work, I calculated that there are about 273,000 (give-or-take a couple thousand) dots that form this 12 inch x 9 inch artwork. The dots that make up this artwork range from .35mm to about 3mm in sizes. My favourite Pointillism tools to work with are my alcohol-based ink markers; and I favour my KOH-I-NOOR RAPIDOGRAPH, and FABER-CASTELL TG1-S Technical Pens.

Here is a quote, from me, about creating Pointillism:

To be a Pointillist, you have to be slightly crazy. With arthritic wrists, painkillers help, as I repeatedly pound the art paper with tiny dots for sometimes up to four or five hours straight. It also helps to love Heavy Metal music, so my most inspiring song for creating this piece was “BORN,” by NEVERMORE. It has an extremely fast time-scale, and it is also one of my favourite songs – it is musically and lyrically, genius. It isn’t until after I am about 75% done that I see emerging patterns in my ‘madness’ of ‘dotting’ the paper, then I can complete or stress the patterns until I feel the patterns are ‘born’, and then the work eventually ends, with the last dot, and the final note of music.”

Days to Complete this Work: 13-Days.

Approximate Number of Hours to Complete this Work:  52-Hours.

Copyright 2014 Nawfal Johnson.  All Rights Reserved.
Penang, Malaysia.

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