Day: March 22, 2014

MARCH EQUINOX, Edit C by Nawfal Johnson

MARCH EQUINOX, Edit C by Nawfal Johnson

Title: “MARCH EQUINOX, Edit C.”
Creation Date: 20 March 2014.
Materials: Permanent, Alcohol-Based Ink.
Paper: 300 gsm.
Dimensions: 9-inches x 12-inches.
Orientation: Horizontal.
Depth: (D) = .014 of an inch.
Genre: Abstract; Geometric-Shaped Abstract; Irregular-Shaped Abstract.
Copyright 2014 Nawfal Johnson.
All Rights Reserved.
Penang, Malaysia.
** Note **
The sun and the moon are represented in this abstract work. I planned to finish it on the date of the March Equinox, 20th March, and I did finish it in time.