Day: May 19, 2014

9103, #8, Edit C by Nawfal Johnson

9103, #8, Edit C by Nawfal Johnson

Title: 9103, #8, Edit C.

Creation Day, Month, and Year: 29 April 2014.

Series Name: ‘9103’.Series Year: 2014 (On-Going I am Guessing).
Mediums: Oil Pastels, Alcohol-based Permanent Pigments, Enamel Paint.
Influence: Jackson Pollock & Piet Mondrian.
The Original Artwork is the Painting on Acid-Free Acrylic Art Paper .
The Finished Artwork is the Digital Photograph.
Copyright 2014 Nawfal Johnson.
All Rights Reserved. Penang, Malaysia.

I actually have so many completed pieces that this one jumped the line, so-to-speak, to be published here before the others. Why? Well, even though it was completed on 18 May, I did this artwork especially for my Dad, whose birthday was on 14 May. Well, I’m a little late getting it done. Since we live so far apart, this will be the version he can see for the time being. I just wish to thank him for all that he did (while growing up), and has done for me, to this very day.

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