Day: May 22, 2014

CONTRADICTION, EDIT C, by Nawfal Johnson

CONTRADICTION, EDIT C, by Nawfal Johnson

CONTRADICTIONS, Edit C, Abstract Impressionism by Nawfal Johnson

Creation Date: 22 May 2014.
Style: Abstract Impressionism (Hybrid of Abstract Expressionism and Impressionism).
Medium: Oil Pastels on Acid-Free Paper.
No Series. Single Artwork.
Copyright 2014 Nawfal Johnson.
All Rights Reserved.

About this Artwork:

This artwork is a contradiction, and that is why it is called, CONTRADICTION. I was wondering what to title this artwork: At first, I thought that because it looks like a field of bright, flowing flowers, that I would call this work, “Fields of Color.” However, that did not work for me, for some reason.

Then, the word, CONTRADICTION, came to mind. This is indeed, the biggest contradiction of my life in its present condition, and this artwork. I have suffered through about three weeks of some Anxiety Disorder–Having almost daily, and sometimes, almost continuous Panic / Anxiety Attacks. I do not feel bright, flowing, or flowery, like this artwork might seem to some of you. Therefore, it is a HUGE contradiction! Thus, that is where the title came from.

This is ‘splotchy-enough’ to fall into the category of Abstract Expressionism, the genre of painting I feel most comfortable with, and most at home doing. However, it has that, “Oh how wonderful, I was just at the Botanical Gardens and saw all these wonderful fields of flowers and this is the ‘Impression’ I had when I was there.”

I was never at the Botanical Gardens over the last three weeks. This is not some ‘impression’ in my mind of any particular scene. This artwork was not painted in the fashion of the Impressionists–Where the artist Sees, is Inspired, a Vision is left in the mind’s-eye, and then the inspiring scene is painted.  And, this is also not en plein air – being outside with your paints and seeing and painting at the same time.  No, that was not the case.

I was painting a contradiction of my present life dealing, or not dealing, with this new field of crappola I’m having to deal with.

I ask God, “Please, I can’t handle any more trials and tribulations–please just give me a freaking break!” God, the Universe, maybe too far away perhaps, to respond to me now, I’m not sure what time schedule God works on so that prayers or requests, are looked into.

Do you like this work? Please let me know. And, let me know your ‘impression’ of it.

I think this is one of the most difficult art pieces I have done, both in terms of painstaking work, and difficult emotionally.

I’m just ‘expressing’ myself with my work and words.

If this just represents a Ballroom-Tango-Samba of Nature, then that is OK too: You see what you wish to see, and I will interpret as I see it.

If anyone out there has also (or is also) gone thru, or living with, Anxiety Disorder, then please contact me to let me know if you have found any successful ways of handling this ‘hell’.