3-DAYS IN AUGUST, #1, Edit D by Nawfal Johnson

3-DAYS IN AUGUST, #1, Edit D by Nawfal Johnson

Title: “3-DAYS IN AUGUST, #1, Edit D.”
Creation Date: 31 May 2014.
Series Year: 2014.
From: The original painting, “3-DAYS IN AUGUST”, created in 2004.
Medium: Acrylic Paint.
Material: Stretched Cotton Canvas.
Size: 24″ x 24″.
Note: This is a detailed art photograph from the original acrylic painting titled, “3-DAYS IN AUGUST”, which I painted in 2004 – 10-years ago (almost). The entire work is very detailed, so I decided to photograph and design art images from the original painting. This particular piece sits to the right of me, at my desk’s location, hanging on the wall. I cleaned it (dust and cat fluff 🙂 ), and photographed the painting in detail, and that is what the “3-DAYS IN AUGUST DETAILS” Series is about. The title of the painting is just what it means: I painted the original artwork over a 3-day span, in August 2004.

Print Sales Site = http://www.imagekind.com/3-DAYS-IN-AUGUST-1-EDIT-D_art?imid=19444612-31b0-4c5e-80c4-430c4de2ece9

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