9103, #9, Edit C by Nawfal Johnson

9103, #9, Edit C by Nawfal Johnson

Description Title: 9103, #9, Edit C. Creation Day, Month, and Year: 29 April 2014. Series Name: ‘9103’. Series Year: 2014 (On-Going I am Guessing). Collection Name: ABSTRACT PAINTED PHOTOGRAPHIC ART. Mediums: Oil Pastels, Alcohol-based Permanent Pigments, Enamel Paint. Influence: Jackson Pollock & Piet Mondrian. The Original Artwork is the Painting on Acid-Free Acrylic Art Paper .The Finished Artwork is the Digital Photograph. Copyright 2014 Nawfal Johnson. All Rights Reserved. Penang, Malaysia.

Print Sales Site: http://www.imagekind.com/9103-9-Edit-C-APRIL-2014_art?imid=36106f9f-7018-4d7f-9803-d12c2f1dfc08

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